Via Appia Antica,
224, 00179 Roma, Italy
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The Kenwood Inn

Pool & Pond

It is not often that you will find a bed and breakfast that has a swimming pool, yet alone a saltwater swimming pool; this St Augustine bed and breakfast, however, features a magnificent salt water pool with a huge patio surrounded by a brick privacy wall adjacent to the walled courtyard and a nice combination of sun and shade. The pool area promotes the ultimate poolside experience, with oversized cushioned chaise lounges; dining tables; and seating areas for relaxing. The pool is open 24 hours.

Just through the gate to the back of the house, you’ll find a trickling pond full of fancy Koi. Just a few fun facts about the koi fish — they come in a variety of colors (orange, yellow, white, red, black, blue), not just orange; in Japanese culture, they represent love and friendship; owners who received their koi fish as a gift are believed to enjoy good luck; in Japan, koi fish often are passed down from generation to generation with heirloom status, their normal life span is 25 to 35 years but in exceptional cases have lived to 200 years (so one of our fish could be as old, if not older, than the Inn?).

CLICK HERE to view the rooms that overlook the pool and courtyard!